Using Epsom Salt for Gardening

Jessica Belucci December 26, 2012 0

I have heard a lot about “healing” nature of Epsom salt. But it turned out that I knew nothing about its popularity with gardeners. A few years ago my close friends moved to a new house.  There was a small garden with some trees, so nothing interesting. But to my surprise when I visited them in a year, this place transformed beyond recognition. your garden will benefit a lot from the usage of Epsom saltThe lawn was very green, young trees that looked like small bushes then were very tall and also green, the garden was full of vegetables. I could not believe my eyes. The answer to my astonished reaction was – “That is Epsom salt”. And then I found out that it is widely used not only in the beauty industry but gardening as well. My friend told me that she read in a gardening magazine that this product contains magnesium and sulfate, very useful elements that enhance and accelerate plants growing. They also serve as great supplements for all kinds of plants.

How does it work?

Gardeners are advised to add Epsom salt to seeds so that it starts working from the very beginning. A very important issue is that this chemical compound is not dangerous at all unlike many supplements and fertilizers acheter kamagra en ligne. It is not accumulated in the soil and does not affect future crops.

Magnesium is a very essential mineral for plants. It helps to make the plant’s cell strong from the very beginning, get all the necessary elements that are not present in the soil, provide nutrients and so on. Any gardener can tell that if you want to have a garden full of fruits, vegetables, beautiful flowers and green grass then the best thing you can do is to buy Epsom salt.

Sulfate is another element presented in Epsom salt. It serves as a great supplement and nutrient as well. When added to the soil it encourages plants to produce chlorophyll. In combination with magnesium they nourish the soil as well as plants with all the essential minerals and supplements to get the best crop.

Though being such a universal and multifunctional product (it is used for hair and skin treatment), Magnesium Sulphate is very cheap and easy to buy. It can be bought in any local pharmacy or grocery. Buying this product you can kill two birds with one stone, i.e. you garden will be green and please you eyes at all times and you may as well find out many other ways that it can be used.

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