Wonderful Lawn and Green Trees with Epsom Salt

Jessica Belucci January 5, 2013 Comments Off

I want to share with my “green” success. Green lawn, blooming flowers have always been a dream of mine. And finally I can say that my dream came true thanks to my friend and her unbelievable gardening experience.

At first sight pleasant and easy work in a garden is a true challenge indeed. Only by trial and error and bit by bit everything in a garden will be organized and grown. 

Just a few useful details about Epsom salt and its affect on all vegetation: this chemical compound is actually magnesium sulfate, which is told to serve as a great nutrient for all plant species in the world. It is also believed to restore deficiency of magnesium level during cropping. Regular cropping leads to soil exhaustion and all hopes of rich harvest may be laid aside. The type of soil matters as well, as it can be one of the reasons for magnesium deficiency.

epsom salt helps to have a green beautiful lawnKeeping in mind all this information I decided to start with soil preparation. Depending on the type of Magnesium Sulphate you bought, follow the instructions on the pack. It does not matter if you are going to plant flowers, trees, lawn or shrubs this chemical compound is a good and reliable start. So, following the proportion on the pack add some Magnesium Sulphate to the soil to make roots of your plants stronger and less subjected to diseases. My aim was to have the evergreen lawn without any yellowing and so on. Later on I used to spray my lawn with Epsom salt liquid one or two times in 2 weeks. Overuse of this product is another side of the coin. Excessive application can lead to disease of roots, which is not good at all. Too much of a good thing is good for nothing.

Speaking about trees the main challenge I faced was the leaf chlorosis. I was very upset by yellow leaves. Chlorophyll production is completely dependent on the magnesium level present either in the soil or a plant. That is why fighting with only one of these problems is like fighting with your own shadow. There should be a holistic approach. So, I started to work the root zone of my trees with this chemical compound a few times a year and they became no longer prone to different diseases or even weather change.

My lawn is green and lush. My trees are strong and green as well. There is nothing else I have been dreaming of and this is all thanks to my favorite product.

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