Always Blooming Flowers in Your Garden with Epsom Salt

Jessica Belucci January 2, 2013 0

Some of us have never heard about really healing properties of Epsom salt, some are more than satisfied by homemade salt-based face masks, hair masks and so on. Many doctors make use of its healing properties in their everyday work. But have you known that Magnesium Sulphate is widely used by gardeners? It is especially popular with gardeners who take care of flower gardens and who are very concerned with their blossom and beauty.  Regular use of this chemical compound can add color to flowers, enhance their growth and general health. NB! This product is almost applicable to all plants except for a few ones.

epsom salt will make all the flowers bloomThere is no secret in treating flower gardens with Epsom salt. Depending on the stage of plant growth you should follow the instructions on the pack. Usually flowers may suffer from deficiency of nutrients, which can be caused either by lack of magnesium in the soil or by imbalance of minerals and necessary elements. That is why gardeners are recommended to make preparation works, i.e. to give the soil a dressing. For this purpose add this product to the planting area in proportion 1 cup per every 80-100 square feet. It is a very wise solution at early stages. Later the overall health of flowers can be supported by regular spray with Magnesium Sulphate mixture (dissolve 2 tablespoons of this product in a gallon of distilled water).

As it has been already said almost all flowers and plants benefit from using this chemical compound, but a few things should be said about roses and flower shrubs.

Regardless of color and type of roses prior soaking in Epsom salt liquid is a benefit. It is believed that this manipulation helps to make roots stronger and less subjected to nutrients deficiency. Thus, add a half cup of this product to a gallon of distilled water and soak roots there. Once you are finished with it you may plant roses. To promote further blooming gardeners are advised to work flowers with the above listed mixture.

As well as flowers shrubs are in strong need for magnesium sulfate, which is present in my favorite product. It has a lot to do with evergreens as Magnesium Sulphate work can add blooming. At the stage of blooming shrubs need a great deal of nutrients that may be absent in the soil, thus work the root zone with Epsom salt (read instructions on the pack). Salt should be spread evenly and without any omissions. Repeat this procedure in a while.

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