Epsom Salt Masks to Combat Acnes

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Probably any woman is eager to have beautiful soft skin at all times. But very often the state of skin of some women leaves much to be desired. Skin conditions can be caused by wrong nutrition, pollution, improper skin care. The last case is the most common.

An acne problem is probably familiar to many of us. Sometimes a number of lotions and creams are needed to combat this problem. But to our great relief Epsom salt masks can help to get rid of acnes. Epsom salt contains such an anti-bacterial element as the sulfur that helps to clean the pores from environmental dirt. So, any woman can make an Epsom salt-based mask at home and get the look she wants.

A Cleansing Mask

This type of mask is very good for a daily use to keep your skin in good condition. For better results it is advised to add a table spoon of Epsom salt to your cleansing cream (or antiseptic cream) and apply the resulting mixture on the affected areas for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water. Another recipe for cleansing purposes is to dissolve salt in a proportion 2 tablespoons / 1 cup and clean the affected areas with a facial cotton pad.


Epsom Salt can also be used as a scrub. For this purpose it is enough to massage the affected areas (prior wet them) to get rid of bumps and black heads. An alternative to this may be an oatmeal-based scrub. Remember to apply some moisturizing cream after scrubbing to make your skin soft.

A Cognac Mask

making a mask with epsom salt, lemon and cognacFor a maximal result and in order to follow up a cleansing effect on your skin, you can make a mask consisting of lemon juice, cognac, Epsom salt, an egg and dry milk in proportion 1:1. Apply this mask only on the problem areas in order not to spread the infection on other areas. It should remain until dry and only then be thoroughly washed off with cool water.

Epsom salt-based masks are very good for our skin. They help women to look young and beautiful at all times. Many surveys have shown that the above listed recipes really work and guarantee 100% results. Moreover, they are very easy in preparation and do not require some “unknown” ingredients.

Regular use of salt-based masks prevents skin aging, acnes. Any woman that is really concerned with her appearance will take a great advantage of Epsom salt masks.

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