Why Epsom Salt Is so Essential for Your Hair?

Jessica Belucci December 20, 2012 Comments Off

Epsom Salt is well-known as a multipurpose remedy for a human body. It is used to treat painful joints, to relieve muscle pains, to ease headaches and much more. But many people who have problems with hair take a great advantage of this chemical compound to make it look healthy and shiny.

using a hair mask with epsom saltUnfortunately, today, a rather small number of people can boast to have good hair. It is caused by the bad ecological situation in the world, in some cases unhealthy hair is a result of its improper care, etc. Many people believe that the more expensive hair cosmetics is the more effective and visible results will be. Well, the same and even better effect can be reached by regular use of Epsom salt. There are many recipes how to prepare salt-based hair masques and here is one of them that requires least components. Depending on the length of hair one should mix conditioner and Magnesium Sulphate in proportion 1:1 tablespoon (for long hair it will be 3:3). Then, it is necessary to heat up this mixture so that it can easily penetrate into hair-roots (use a Microwave). Spread the heated masque on hair throughout the length and gently massage it in the sculp. For better effect put on a hat or a towel on hair, so that it stays warm longer. In 20-30 minutes wash off the masque with warm water and enjoy strong and healthy hair.

It is not a secret for anyone that hairsprays and gels bring damage to hair and make it look dull. Just shampooing is not enough to restore curls and a special treatment will be a benefit. Epsom Salt is a great solution to this problem: mix one gallon of spring water with a cup of a squeezed lemon juice (it is better to use fresh juice) and a cup of our favorite remedy. Let this mixture stay for a day, so that it reaches necessary condition. In 24 hours spread this masque on hair throughout the length for some time and then wash your hair as usually.

Another hair problem that can be solved with a help of Magnesium Sulphate is a problem of oily hair. In this case the recipe is the following: one should mix shampoo that he/she regularly uses with this chemical compound in proportion 8 tablespoons : ½ of a cup. The resulting mixture should be carefully and gently massaged into the scalp (especially in problem areas) and then washed off with cool water. For a better effect it is possible to use apple cider vinegar.

I’m 100% sure this recipe of how to use Espom Salt for your hair will amaze with the results. I’ve been using this method for quite a long time now and I do see the positive impact of this salt on my hair. So, go ahead and try it, your hair will thank you for that!

Stay healthy!


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