Epsom Salt Baths – a Ticket to Healthy Skin

Jessica Belucci December 23, 2012 0

For many of us taking a bath is daily routine and we do underestimate health benefits that this process offers us. After a hard working day our bodies are in need of rest and relaxation. What else but a warm bath can relieve a body from stress?

taking a bath with epsom salt is the best way to relaxEpsom salt baths are known to draw toxins out of the human’s body, thus making skin look better and improving a general health condition of an individual. These healing effects are described by the fact that this product contains magnesium sulfate, which is very essential for humans’ bodies. It also ensures absorption of useful elements deep under the skin that are so necessary for the health.

People who suffer from skin itching or dry skin are recommended to soak in Epsom salt baths several times a week. Due to magnesium sulfate and other minerals skin will regenerate and become softer pretty quickly. But those having some skin conditions as eczema or alike are advised to see a doctor prior to taking baths with this chemical compound.

The formula of the Epsom salt bath is the following: pour 1-2 cups of Epsom salt into the warm water and spread it carefully. For moisturizing effect it is possible to add some glycerin (not more than 2 tablespoons). But keep in mind that too regular bathing with Magnesium Sulphate will lead to washing off the useful skin oils.

Except for skin regeneration, beauticians say that Epsom salt-based baths help to detoxify a human body. To many of us it may sound strange but what’s true is true. Each of us daily takes a shower and believes his/her body is clean. But it turns out to be not enough. A warm bath leads to penetration of useful minerals in skin, thus cleaning pores from unnatural and harmful substances. After a bath you will get rid of stress and will be full of energy. There is no need to go to a beauty salon to take such a bath, you can have your spa salon at home: mix sea salt and Epsom salt in proportion 1:1 and pour it in warm water (not hot). It is also possible to add some aroma oils to smell pleasant odors.

There is a hypothesis that Epsom salt bathing prevents from skin aging and helps to get rid of wrinkles. Though there is no medical support of this hypothesis, the practice shows that people who take baths with Magnesium Sulphate look younger and healthier.

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