How I Discovered Epsom Salt Anew

Hello everybody! My name is Jessica Belucci. As you can see from the “About Me” I am an M.D and a mother of 3 lovely boys. I have created this website to share my current and future experience of using a great natural remedy. As a mother, I need to have near at hand something that will help me to heal my sons’ traumas, such as stretched muscles or bruises. As a medical, I know a lot about the way chemical medications work and their side effects. That is why I am always looking for completely natural options. They can rarely do any harm, especially if there are no allergic reactions. So, the natural remedy I have found recently was Epsom Salt.

Helpful for Joint Pains

3 most common places where joint pain occuresThe first time I paid attention to it and decided to try it was when my elder sister suffered from pains in joints. I needed something that would be suitable for warm baths, something that would keep the water warm for a long time and get through the skin reducing the inner inflammation. I need to say that we have already tried many different remedies like kaolin and things of the same kind paydayloansonline, but with no effect. When I decided to try Epsom Salt, I was not sure that it would give effect. It did, and the effect was surprising.

Bathing and Relaxing

Surely, I was aware of the miracles that are told about this salt. I have never believed in them but when the joint trouble was relieved I decided to try it in different other situations. To begin with, I tried it for coping with stress. You know, having three boys can sometimes be very troublesome. That is why when they get too unbearable, I use some salt for an evening bath. Many people take pills, but isn’t it better to let the body relieve its tension in a more natural way? The salt gives a wonderful effect on skin and hair. Skin gets softer because the salt keeps it moistened, hair becomes stronger as soon as salt regulates production of sebum. People with skin problem such as acne or dermatitis can try this salt. It also gives a calming effect, so insomnia will go away in no time.

Other Ways to Use It

There is one unusual way to take advantage of this salt. My boys have proved that it is effective. If there is a splinter in your finger or foot, just have a warm salted bath for this part of your body. The splinter will go out without any help. It is a great pity that people have forgotten about the magical effect this salt has and do not use it often enough in their life.

There are many different ways to take advantage of this salt and its effects. Listing all of them right now will not fit into one post.  So, track my next posts where I am going to share my further experience of using this great salt.